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Here is a short list of some of the sightseeing of Santorini worth visiting.
First of all stroll around in the Fira town. See and feel a centuries old town, so much transformed in the recent years but still keeping its own individual character. Let the view of the Caldera take your breath away. Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, the Archaelogical Museum of Thera, and the Megaro Gyzi. Enjoy your meal and drink your coffee or drink with a Caldera view.
Don’t miss Oia, A sunset in Oia in particular. Walk to the Byzantine Castle Ruins and enjoy the sunset an the stunning view to the Caldera. Visit the Maritime Museum and take a stroll around the town.
Palaia (Old) and Nea (New) Kameni are 2 active volcanic islands. There are boats making the trip to these islands many times a day from the Old Port of Fira. In New Kameni you can climb on the top of the volcano, see the active crater and walk on its rims. In Palaia Kameni you can swim in the the sea with the underwater hot springs. 
The Akrotiri archaeological site is one of the most important an well-preserved prehistoric settlements of the Aegean, dating back to the Bronze Age and destroyed by a severe earthquake. The ashes from the volcanic eruption that followed, covered the entire island and the city itself, and protected the buildings and their contents, just like in Pompeii.
Maybe a lesser known archaeological site but as important and fascinating is the Ancient Thera in Mesa Vouno near Kamari. It is worth the effort to go up the steep mountain slope with the 16 hairpin turns, on foot (approximately 1 hour) or on wheels, to visit the site on top with the ancient ruins and the panoramic view to the island and the sea.
There are some more museums in Santorini worth your time to visit. The prehistoric museum, archeological museum, Folklore Museum, the Santozeumin Fira, the Argyros Mansion in Messara, Wine museum in Vothonas on the way to Kamari, the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments, Maritime museum in Oia. La Ponta Venetian Tower-Greek Bagpipe Exhibition in Akrotiri.
Santorini has a fertile volcanic soil, thanks to the volcanic activity, making it possible to produce the unique Santorini wines. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit a place explaining the process of the wine making as the Wine Museum Koutsoyannopoulos in Vothonas.